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Trust Account Solutions are experienced leaders in the area of trust accounting, compliance, book keeping, software and training

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Paul Nees
Founder and Principal

Paul is a highly experienced and detail-oriented finance professional with a strong background in real estate and trust accounting.


With 16 years working for top-tier global banks and 10 year running real estate and trust accounting businesses, Paul has the knowledge and experience to streamline your accounting processes and improve efficiencies.

Paul's expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscape of trust accounting regulations, ensuring that your trust funds are handled with the utmost care and compliance.

Paul is qualified with a Masters in Finance and Bachelor in Engineering with a software focus.

Experience peace of mind with Paul Nees and Trust Account Solutions - your trusted partner in trust accounting. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your business and ensure your business success.


Heinrithz Bacotoc
Trust Accountant

Heinrithz is a highly skilled professional with a background in trust accounting, bookkeeping, and business support. He has perfected his talents and gained a thorough understanding of trust accounting methodology and financial records. His attention to accuracy and precision has earned him a reputation as a detail-oriented individual.

Overall, his years of experience combined with his sharp eye for detail and commitment to excellence, make him an irreplaceable asset to any organization or individual in need of top-tier trust accounting and bookkeeping services.

Heinrithz is an expert in Property Me, Property Tree and IRE One.

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Sarah Liston
Trust Accountant

With a background in computer forensics, Sarah adds a level of analytics and compliance to our business practice. 

With years of experience in trust accounting, Sarah has established herself as a trusted authority in the industry. Her deep understanding of financial principles, coupled with her unwavering commitment to excellence, makes her the ideal partner for your trust accounting needs. 


Her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills ensure that every transaction is accounted for accurately, leaving no room for error.

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